Train with a Medical Professional.
Physical Therapy, Yoga, Barre, Suspension & more

Physical Therapy

Always one-on-one PT care, looking at the ENTIRE body every time. You will never be sent off to 'do your exercises' unsupervised. Every session will be one-on-one, with Dr. Krol, PT, every time

Fitness Classes

Group Exercise classes in our ~700 sq ft studio, tailored in difficulty for any level. Classes vary in type, but all delivered in a fun and safe environment

Private Fitness Training

One-on-one fitness training tailored to your individual goals and needs

welcome to PRT
About PRT
Bridging the Gap Between Medical and Fitness

Performance Rehabilitation Training (PRT) was founded by Dr. Lee Krol, PT to provide a place where fitness could be approached in a smart, safe, and systematic way. Those who come in looking for fitness will find not only a challenging workout, but a smart one designed to prevent them from becoming patients in the future. PRT has a system in place to screen new members for underlying medical and movement issues, cleaning them up before they ever become a problem.

welcome to PRT

Thank you for being able to sleep through the night and make it through work. Not every day is good, but you gave me the tools to help me work through the bad days. Thank you for not judging me and my lack of exercise. Instead you showed me what I needed to do at our first meeting, to ease my pain. I slept through the first night.


My name is Lisa and nearly 2 years ago I started to experience severe sciatic pain. I decided to get in touch with the same PT that helped my husband a few years prior get back on his feet, this is Dr. Lee Krol. I have a very physical job that I am now happy to say doing pain free. I continue to work with Dr. Krol on a regular basis for strength training and am able to do things I haven’t done in years. Thank you Dr. Lee from the two of us. Bob and Lisa


I have had a great experience at this new center Dr. Lee Krol has been my personal trainer for several years. He always gives me the best personal attention to whatever I need to keep me in great physical condition. Really like the new facility. Wish him great success

Welcome to PRT
Our Classes

Monthly Schedule

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  • Yoga

    "Yoga brings together the idea of postures, breathing, movements, and flow, reinforcing the neurological connection and efficiency of your body"


    "Suspension training allows you to provide a variety of challenges to your body by placing it in positions you are unable to get in without the ropes. Using the ropes for progression and regression of exercises allows you to get into the optimal position and range for every movement you do in class"


    "Fitness classes based off of dance training. A systematic approach to working movements in multiple planes and ranges, working the muscles and movements in a challenging and fun way"


    "Bodyweight exercise classes teach you the art of being able to get your exercise in anywhere without any equipment. In this class you'll learn how to use your body with the floor and a wall to challenge yourself in a variety of ways"


    "More than just learning how to change directions quickly, agility training is truly about learning how to move like an athlete. Agility training teaches you how to use your upper and lower body together, which will make you better at any other exercise or activity you choose to do"


    "Kettlebell training is nothing new, but this tool has seen a resurgence in the past few years because of its ability to force you to perform exercises to a high standard. Kettlebells have a learning curve, and this class will make you comfortable using a simple but complex tool to make your body a strong, stable, powerful machine"

    Welcome to PRT
    Our Pricing
    Item / Cost

    Single Class Drop-In / $15
    3 Classes / $40
    5 Classes / $65
    10 Classes / $110
    Unlimited Classes (1 month) / $85
    Unlimited Classes (Autopay for 6 months) / $80/month
    Unlimited Classes 3 months / $240 paid in full
    Unlimited Classes 6 months / $450 paid in full

    Private Fitness training

    Movement Screen / $45
    Independent 1:1 session / $65

    Private Physical Therapy

    Initial Evaluation / $100
    Treatment Sessions / $60